Over 40 years of advocacy for the South Asian American Community

Founded in 1980 by a small group of community leaders, the Indo-American Democratic Organization (IADO) is a leading political advocacy organization for Illinois' rapidly growing and vibrant South Asian American community. Since its inception, we have become a strong, unified voice for the South-Asian Americans in Chicago and across Illinois.

Office: 3849 W Devon Ave, Chicago IL 60659

*TO NOTE: our office is closed to the public due to COVID-19, please email us to contact IADO

Email:​ indoamericandemocraticorg1980@gmail.com


Additional contacts:

  • Susan Patel, IADO Board President (susan@iado.org)

  • Abin Kuriakose, IADO Vice President (abin@iado.org)

  • Shajan Kuriakose, IADO Treasurer (shajan@iado.org)

  • Nazneen Hashmi, IADO Board Secretary (nazneen.hashmi@gmail.com)


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We advocate on behalf of the South Asian American community on issues such as Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid, healthcare access, public education, immigration reform and efforts to combat hate crimes.


We engage South Asian Americans in the political process to ensure they register and mobilize to vote.


We recruit and support candidates who best represent the welfare of our community to run for public office.

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The Indo-American Democratic Organization | 3849 W. Devon, Chicago, IL 60659

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