November 7, 2020 
Abin Kuriakose
Vice President, IADO



The election of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris represents a more inclusive America and the vital contributions of South Asian Americans in the United States


CHICAGO, IL - IADO, the oldest South Asian American political advocacy organization in the country, celebrates the historic 2020 presidential election with the definitive victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice President of the United States. Kamala Harris makes history as the first woman, South Asian, and African American elected as Vice President.


“The Vice President-elect is the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India. Her story and the story of her family is one of our country’s timeless testaments: we are a diverse, thriving nation of immigrants and communities,” said Susie Patel, IADO President. “I couldn’t be more proud to join my family and friends, especially my own young daughter, in watching Vice President Kamala Harris inaugurated this January.”


In 2020 alone, IADO endorsed 50+ candidates at every level of government, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President. After completing the official endorsement questionnaire, IADO’s board of directors endorsed candidates who’ve expressed in specific ways how they’ll support the South Asian American community. As part of its post-Election Day 2020 strategy, IADO is committed to working with elected officials at every level of government to ensure consistent engagement with the South Asian American community and representing our community in public policymaking.


“IADO was proud to have endorsed several candidates who shared detailed plans on how they’re going to advance an agenda based on our core values of inclusion, equity, justice, and economic opportunity for all residents” said Dr. Dilara Sayeed, IADO board member and 2020 endorsement committee member. “While Election Day 2020 is over, our vital work to organize and mobilize our communities remain constant. The real work continues to build strong relationships with elected officials in 2021."


While there continue to be rapidly-evolving developments on vote totals from Election Day 2020, South Asian and Asian voters made historic strides in their participation. South Asian and Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial or ethnic voting blocs in the country. According to the Indian American Impact Fund (IMPACT), in 2020 alone there will be more than 500,000 South Asian American voters in the battleground states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The number of Indian Americans in Congress has grown five-fold in just the past eight years.


“South Asian Americans continue to grow as a significant voting bloc that can no longer be ignored,” said Nazneen Hashmi, IADO Board Secretary. “That’s why in 2020, IADO supported several candidates to ensure they understood our community’s unique needs, challenges, and opportunities. IADO drives political investment to ensure candidates have a more inclusive election strategy. And now we’re going to champion our community when it comes to representation in government and public policymaking.”


According to the South Asian American Policy and Research Institute (SAAPRI), there are approximately 290,000 South Asians in the state of Illinois. From 2000 to 2010, South Asians were the fastest-growing ethnic groups in Illinois, growing at 55.6%.


“In every election, we’re making significant progress for the representation of our communities,” said Bushra Amiwala, IADO Board Member. “And we’re committed to keeping the momentum going into 2021. IADO will always champion building inclusive political power for civic empowerment.”


Established in 1980, IADO is the oldest South Asian American political action committee in the United States. IADO engages South Asian Americans in the political process, recruits and endorses candidates for public office, and advocates for progressive policy solutions for South Asian Americans, immigrants, New Americans, and working families. For a list of all of our 2020 endorsed candidates, visit

IADO's Election 2020 Update to Members & Supporters:
IADO is proud to endorse Joe Biden for President, Kamala Harris for Vice President, and several other candidates at every level of government for the November 3, 2020 presidential election. 
To learn more about how you can support candidates and volunteer for the upcoming election:
  1. Learn more about South Asians for Biden here.
  2. Learn more about Indians for Biden National Council here
  3. Email IADO for local opportunities with candidates in your area. 
6 Early Voting Locations in Illinois: 

1. Cook County:

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2. DuPage County


3. Dekalb County


4. Kane County


5. Lake County


6. McHenry County