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Endorsement Process


Criteria – IADO decides to endorse candidates based upon:

  1. The extent such an endorsement would advance IADO’s mission (including but not limited to the candidate’s past involvement in the South Asian American community, the candidate’s expected ability to support and empower the South Asian American community if elected, and the candidate’s stances on issues of importance to the South Asian community such as:

    • i. Increased representation of South Asian Americans in office

    • ii. Increased representation of South Asian Americans in government (specifically, policy making positions), commissions, etc.

    • iii. Increased access for South Asian Americans to government and the services government provides

    • iv. Ensuring South Asian American business owners are considered fairly for contracts / business with the government

    • v. Ensuring South Asian American community service agencies are considered fairly for grants / funding by the government

    • vi. Better Indo-U.S. Foreign Policy Relations

    • vii. Job creation

    • viii. Immigration reforms

    • ix. Healthcare

    • x. Criminal Justice reforms

  2. The viability of the campaign;

  3. The role that participating in the campaign might play in IADO’s strategic plan for the time period in question; and

  4. The ability of IADO to play a meaningful role in and provide substantive support for the campaign in question.



  1. Candidates submit a written request for endorsement

  2. Referred to the Endorsement Committee (EC)

  3. Endorsement Committee must do the following:

    • i. Send Candidates Endorsement Questionnaire with notification of deadline

    • ii. Review Endorsement Questionnaires that are completed/submitted by Candidates

    • iii. Research background of Candidates

    • iv. Evaluate Candidates based on the criteria that is clearly stated above

    • v. Ensure Candidate is invited to the Annual Banquet

  4. Endorsement Track recommended by the EC

    • i. Expedited Track = Officially endorsed on a date near the start of petitions

      • Outstanding record of involvement with IADO and/or the South Asian American community and meets criteria set forth in #1

    • ii. Regular Track = Officially endorsed on a date near the end of petition filings

      • Official candidate who is determined qualified and has presented enough evidence that the EC strongly believes (s)he will meet the criteria set forth in #1 .

  5. Endorsement Level recommended by the EC

    • i. Rank candidate

      • A = written endorsement, financial contribution, communications to South Asian American voters, and volunteers

      • B= written endorsement, communications to South Asian American voters, and volunteers

      • C= written endorsement and communications to South Asian American voters

    • ii. After the EC makes their recommendation (including Track and Level), the IADO Board can endorse a candidate either by a majority vote on a motion made at a board meeting or else via electronic mail. For an electronic mail vote, the question must be clearly laid out in an electronic communication sent to all board members by the EC; that communication must state precisely when the vote closes. A majority of the whole board must vote “yes” in order for an endorsement to occur.

  • (f) Candidate informed thru a letter of the Board decision


What does IADO’s endorsement mean?

Any endorsed candidate may list IADO’s name in campaign materials and to help their candidacy. Moreover, no endorsed candidate may be left off a communication paid for or produced by IADO that lists more than two endorsed candidates. Once a candidate has been endorsed, IADO can consider issuing communications to ethnic papers, making a financial contribution, supplying volunteers, or supporting the candidate in other ways.

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